Mark R. Pugh for Delaware State Senate, District 14

I want to make Delaware a better place for all of us to live, work, and raise our families. I hope you feel the same way and will join me!

Family, community, and education are the bedrock upon which the pillars of excellence are built. Opportunity, freedom, and prosperity spring from these integral values. Delaware was dubbed the "Small Wonder" and aptly regarded as the jewel atop the "shining city on the hill" when these traits were cultivated harmoniously. Family was once celebrated, and education was considered paramount. I intend to be a voice that heralds the good works of our past and welcomes the positive voices of the future.


Is bringing about a better Delaware something you care about? This is my primary focus, and a better Delaware tomorrow starts with a better plan today! Through a common-sense approach to issues and returning the focus back to our families and communities, we can make huge strides in the betterment of all Delawareans. I am thrilled you've decided to invest some of your time to learn about my vision for our state and the amazing folks we call neighbors. I invite you to step into my website, and I hope you come away inspired!
Mark R. Pugh, Candidate for Delaware State Senate, District 14

Mark R. Pugh
Candidate for Delaware State Senate,
District 14