Educational Freedom: Questions From A Concerned Teacher

Mark R. Pugh for Delaware State Senate, District 14


Mark reads a message he received from a concerned teacher regarding Educational Freedom.

Question 1.

What choices would parents have in the school their children would attend?

Question 2.

Could parents choose to have their child attend a school in another district?

Question 3.

If parents could choose to send their child to schools other than their home school, how would transportation be handled?

Question 4.

Would there be a core curriculum that each school in the state would have to follow?

Question 5.

Would each school allocate their funds as they see fit?

Question 6.

Would teachers have input and the "freedom" to teach?

Question 7.

What if I wanted to send my child to a private school?

Question 8.

Delaware already has a form of school choice. How does your plan differ from what the state already has?

Closing Thoughts

We're going to get push back on a lot of these ideas, but our kids are worth it.